Legend of Empire

Legend of Empire is a MMO war game, a perfect combination of tactic planning and strategic combat. In the medieval Elves continent, build your own powerful empire and ascend the glorious throne, which will be your own Legend!

Quite simple, isn’t it? If you ask newbies, yes

This article aims to answer a couple questions about LoE, mostly for beginners coming straight from Google Play:

  • What i have to do in this game?
  • I can finish it in one night,one week,one…….?
  • It’s, at least, worth playing it?
  • Am i alone killing AI zombies out there?
What you should do?

At the beginning, the game starts inside your city.A nice lady tells you a little story about how you should rebuild your legacy.You can read or skip her indications, but as a beginner, you will read 😉

Main things that you’ll learn to do are: building, recruiting and researching.

These are the 3 most important things in LoE and timers on these should never stop.One building ends, start another, recruiting some troops ends, start another,research ends…you got it right,start another.

This is all about.Well,not quite all 😀 You gotta  collect resources for all these tasks, fight other players, attack fortresses and few other things that we’ll discuss later.

Can i finish it fast?

Sorry to disappoint you,but this is a long term game.No,you won’t reach lvl 8.4 like SuperMario,kill the boss and that’s it.Even if you reach stronghold lvl 22 (current max level), there are plenty of things to do in game.

I played this game for almost an year and i’m not done yet :)

This answers the 3rd question.Yes, it’s worth playing it.The game is quite complex, with infinite approaches and variations.Two players starting at same time, playing same amount of time daily, can end up being very different in just one month.I don’t take into account players buying items to speed up their growth, just free players.

What are the exciting things in game? Who do you play against?

Basically, Legend of Empire is a multiplayer game, so the main opponents are humans like you and me. Humans playing in same kingdom are associated in alliances.Alliances have wars, scheduled when there are kill events, or unscheduled, because of human nature (vanity, anger or maybe strategy or lack of resources).

Apart from PvP battles, out there are fortresses, some sort of AI opponents.Fortresses are similar to players castles, having troops and resources inside, but are somewhat easier to beat, because of defined troop power.You have to have a certain power to beat a certain type of fort, but once you got there, the result is predictable.

That was it, the introductory post about Legend of Empire.

If this is your first install, read more on next post about some gift codes, refferal codes and such.

Also, don’t forget to share with your friends any useful info you find around here.

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